IMPORTANT message for our students - tap the app!

We are adding an extra layer of security to your University Microsoft and Canvas account called multifactor authentication or MFA.  With MFA in place on your account, you can be re-assured that your information is safer and that if someone who isn't you tries to access your account, you will be notified. We recommend installing the Authenticator app as this will work even if you change your phone number and involves a simple tap on your screen, rather than putting in a 6 digit code. 

There is more information about MFA at

Email for Staff and Students

We use Microsoft 365 for our University email.

The full suite of Microsoft applications like Outlook for email and Calendar, Word for creating documents, OneDrive for storing and sharing documents, and Teams for chat and video, is available to all staff and students using a University or personal PC/laptop. 

From any device, simply log into with your University email address and password. Once logged in you will land on a screen that displays all the application icons. Simply select and open.

STUDENTS! If you would like to add Microsoft office to your PC or laptop, you can do this for up to 5 separate personal devices. Once logged into MS 365 with your University email, you will notice a tab at the top right of your window that says 'Install Office'. Select the first option 'Office 365 apps' and follow the on-screen steps to install and run.

If using a tablet or mobile phone

You can access all of the Office 365 suite by installing the individual applications from your usual app store.

STAFF will need to enrol your personal mobile or tablet before doing this:

Checking your emails

Its useful for students to know that you will receive emails separately in both MS 365 and Canvas. Please check both regularly.