Funding and support for businesses

The University offers expertise and services in a number of areas to help you to develop your innovative business ideas.

Ways we can support your business

There are numerous ways that the University of Wolverhampton can help support your business with the different services and opportunities we have to offer.

Below are some of the key ways that we can help you with your business.

Cyber Quarter

The Cyber Quarter is the first specialised hub for cyber security expertise in the West Midlands, and a unique ecosystem that combines industry, innovation, and academic excellence. It offers a secluded and secure location, fostering a pioneering community for specialised business growth.

The Cyber Quarter aims to:

  1. Be a world-leading facility and global leader in cybersecurity innovation.
  2. Promote best practices through international collaborations and partnerships.
  3. Provide funded support to businesses tackling emerging cybersecurity challenges.
  4. Offer state-of-the-art testing facilities for businesses to assess their smart technology and infrastructure.
  5. Serve as a launch pad and landing pad for cyber innovators.
  6. Support the commercial potential of newly developed cyber innovations through the latest product and process development.
  7. Enhance the safe utilisation of the internet for the benefit of society.

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National Brownfield Institute

If your business operates in the construction industry, then the National Brownfield Institute (NBI) may be able to support your business. 

The NBI is a prestigious research centre that collaborates with the construction industry to advance building techniques through innovation and partnerships. Its primary focus is on the practical implementation of future brownfield regeneration and remediation, and achieves this by conducting research, leading policy development, and offering commercial services.

Explore the National Brownfield Institute. 


The Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS) is an employer-led training facility located in the Black Country. Its purpose is to support the UK industry by enhancing the skills and knowledge of the workforce, particularly in engineering, manufacturing, casting, and metal forming sectors.

With a strong emphasis on the region's industrial heritage, the Elite Centre aims to address skills gaps by offering specialised training and upskilling opportunities.

The Elite Centre operates through a Hub and Spoke model, consisting of two main centres. The Hub is situated at the University of Wolverhampton's Springfield Campus, while the National Foundry Training Centre is located in Tipton. These centres provide short courses and training programs.

The ECMS receives funding from The Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership and is a collaboration between the University of Wolverhampton, Dudley College, Cast Metals Federation, Confederation of British Metal forming, and Institute of Cast Metals Engineers.

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