Visa Information for Current Students


If you hold a Student Route visa for study at the University of Wolverhampton both you and University have responsibilities to the Home Office during your studies and we must work together to make sure you meet the requirements of your visa.

Details of the University of Wolverhampton's responsibilities as your sponsor can be found on our General Information page.

As a Student Route visa holder, your responsibilities include -

  • you must bring your visa and your passport to the University when you arrive for us to take a copy (we will do this at enrolment)
  • you must also bring your visa and passport to the University if you receive a visa extension and/or make any changes to your passport or visa
  • you must keep your contact details up to date on e:vision. This includes your address, telephone number and email address 
  • you must make sure you have enrolled and registered your modules by the deadline date for your intake
  • you must engage fully with your studies and University compliance processes. If you miss any classes, tutorials, assignments, exams or appointments with your tutors you must tell your School why
  • you must seek advice from the Visa and Immigration Support Team if you wish to transfer to a different course, withdraw from your studies or take leave of absence.  These changes will be reported to the Home Office and may result in your visa being curtailed (cancelled). If you are concerned about the implications for your visa you must talk to a Visa & Immigration Support Officer as early as possible 
  • you must not work more than the hours stated on your visa (usually 20 hours per week) during term time, although you can work full time during an official university vacation period.

You will be required to re-enrol on your course at the start of every academic year.

If you do not enrol by the deadline date given, you will be withdrawn from your course. We will be obliged to report this to the Home Office and your visa will be curtailed so you will be required to return home.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students will have their attendance monitored as per the University Engagement Policy. Failure to attend regular classes on campus will result in curtailment of your visa.

If you are a research student, your supervisor will log every meeting with you each month, and your engagement will be monitored through these records. If you are on a full time work placement, your Faculty or the Workplace will monitor your attendance, depending on your course and placement type.

Police Registration has been suspended with immediate effect. If you have been issued with a visa with the requirement to register with the Police, you do not need to go to a police station to register.

If you are a Current student you are no longer required to update your Police Registration Certificate

If you need to extend your Student Route visa, we advise that you start to make preparations to submit your application 3 months before your current visa expiry date. We will contact you during this time to remind you to submit your application and offer assistance. It is extremely important to prepare in advance to make sure you can submit your visa application before your current visa expires.

The University of Wolverhampton will not be able to support your application if it is not made before your current visa expires. It is therefore extremely important to prepare well in advance in case you are required to return home to apply for a new visa.

You can book an appointment with a Visa & Immigration Support Officer by emailing for advice, help with your application.

Information about applying for a visa can also be found on link to Applying for a Visa page.  If your visa application is unsuccessful, you must contact the Visa and Immigration Support Officer immediately for further advice.

It is important to maintain the validity of your passport in case you need to travel urgently or need to extend your stay in the UK.

The website for the embassy of your home country will have advice about applying for a new passport or extending your current one. Each embassy will have different procedures so it is important to check their advice early in case the process may take some time or may require you to travel home.  If you need help with transferring your visa to a new passport please contact the Visa & Immigration Support Officer or more advice can be found on the Visas & Immigration webpages.

When you have applied for your new passport or applied to extend the validity of your current passport, you must provide the Visa & Immigration team with evidence of the application.

When you receive your new passport/extension to your current passport you must bring the documents to MX Student Centre, City Campus so that can copies can be kept on your student record.