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Activities for Schools and Colleges

Our UK Recruitment and Partnerships team are dedicated to connecting with and supporting schools and colleges across the Midlands region in delivering a programme of activities both on and off campus.

We're continuing to virtually support schools and colleges to assist learners with their journey to Higher Education

We have a range of "How to" online webinars covering general HE topics. These include 

  • How to choose a course & the benefits of University
  • How to write a Personal statement
  • How to apply to University
  • How to apply for Student Finance & Budgeting tips
  • How to make the most of online events

These can be booked via our virtual events page

We have a range of subject specifc Discovery Days happening over the next few months. these are updated regually and can be booked via our virtual events page

Teachers and Advisors Conference 

Academic and wellbeing support for students in HE 

26th May 2021 

The focus of our conference is to provide teachers and advisers with information on academic and mental health/wellbeing support for students progressing into higher education, through sessions delivered by an Academic Coach at the University of Wolverhampton and The Student Room Group.

As part of the programme, we will also provide institutional and sector updates, including our new course provision, our approach to confirmation and clearing and the future of admissions 

From 5pm, Tracey Tracy Newbold, Pre-employment Advisor for Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust will be talking about careers in health. 

To book your place click here



What’s new at WLV 


Tim Steele, Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton alongside the UK Recruitment team, will provide information on the latest developments at our university, including new courses and facilities. 


2pm – 2.30pm 

Supporting your students transition into HE 


The transition from sixth form or college to university can be overwhelming, and particularly more challenging in the current climate. We will update you on the different types of support available at our university and new initiatives we are putting in place so that you can advise your students on what to expect when they progress into higher education. 


2.30pm – 3pm



3pm – 3.10pm 

Networking: Working together to support your students 


We value the opinion and feedback from teachers and advisers on the activities we offer. We will update you on our current portfolio of activities for schools and colleges and discuss what activities and resources we could develop going forward to improve our offering. There will also be the opportunity for you to network with colleagues from other schools and colleges 

3.10pm – 3.30pm

What students are telling us and how we can help: Student support, Mental Health and Wellbeing 


What is going on in students’ lives? What support do they need? How can we help? The Student Room Group (TSRG) will take us through the current student perspective and themes from the student community on key areas such as mental health and student support. There will also be practical tips on how we as advisors can support students and how TSR can support them through their journey to university. 


3.30pm – 4.15pm

Admissions: Confirmation, clearing and beyond 


We will update you on our approach to offer making and confirmation and clearing for this year. We will also give you the latest developments in the sector discussions on Post Qualification Admissions and Offers (PQA and PQO). 

4.15pm – 4.45pm

UK Recruitment Q&A panel 


Our recruitment team will be available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the information provided as part of the conference or how we can support students in your schools and colleges. 

4.45pm – 5pm

Keynote speaker: Careers in Health 


Tracy Newbold, Pre-employment Advisor for Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust will be talking about careers in health. 

5pm – 6pm  

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