School of Sciences Postgraduate Courses

We offer a diverse cluster of awards with a number of course options. Whichever course you choose, you will find a strong practical emphasis in your studies, putting theories into practice, which will prepare you for employment in your chosen field.

We have excellent laboratories and facilities across all science-based subject areas, including a realistic scene of-crime suite, first-rate pharmacy facilities and new equipment for exercise physiology support. As a School of Science student, you will benefit from: quantitative real-time PCR, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy and fluorescence activated cell sorting. Our biotechnology lab includes microbial and fermentation facilities, as well as sophisticated glasshouses which include facilities for growing tropical and xerophytic plants.


Our Postgraduate Courses 
Biomedical Science
MSc Biomedical Science
MSc Biomedical Science (Cellular Pathology)
MSc Biomedical Science (Clinical Biochemistry)
MSc Biomedical Science (Haematology)
MSc Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology)
Biological Sciences
MSc Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
MSc Chemistry
MSc Forensic Science
MSc Forensic Genetics and Human Identification
MSc Fire Scene Investigation
MSc Wildlife Conservation