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Centre for Engineering Innovation and Research

The purpose of this centre is to research aspects of Engineering and pertaining to their application to the development of innovative technologies through application of aspects of material science, engineering to the realisation of tangible and virtual systems or system parts.

Contexts will be concept valuation, design, visualisation, simulation, interaction, scenario consideration, realisation, control, evaluation or application, as well other leading edge applications, as they emerge.

Led by: Klaudio Bari

  • Optimisation of materials for Aerospace applications.  
We have two PHDs available in this area: 
  • Development of Titanium alloys for biomedical applications, such as total knee replacement, numerical analysis of femur resurfacing component
  • Design and Development of Light weight material for automotive applications.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Race cars and aviation.
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing of metals and polymers.
  • Metal Cutting using EDM, and high-speed machining.
  • Materials Processing for laser sintering and advanced manufacturing.

Led by: Dr Arun Arjunan

  • Development of noise attenuating structures and materials to combat noise pollution.
  • Structural mechanics and Vibro-acoustic simulation.
  • Stress analysis of lattice structures using the finite element method.
  • Strength of materials and characterisation using experimental testing.

Led by:

  • Modelling of manufacturing processes and systems, with specific emphasis on the Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly, and the Processing of soft solids. 

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