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Fake news? Take the survey to find out your 'Conspiracy Mentality' score


Do you know which news articles are fake? A call has gone out for staff, students and stakeholders to fill out an online survey to help with research into whether people are likely to believe COVID-19 related news stories.

A team of international researchers led and funded by the University of Wolverhampton has launched the online survey  in English and Dutch. The Anglo Dutch team of nine includes Psychologists, Computer Science experts, Linguists and Narratologists from the University of Wolverhampton, the Free University and Meertens Institute in the Netherlands.

The research is funded by the Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton and is part of a wider citizen science project called TRUTH: The Rhetoric of Untruth. 

The Fake Corona News survey is designed to understand how nations and cultures respond in different ways to news stories about COVID-19. The team will also analyse how factors such as age, gender, and location influence people’s responses to COVID-related disinformation.

The survey is anonymous, is open to everyone, not just to UK and Dutch citizens, and participants will receive a ‘Conspiracy Mentality’ score as well as advice on how to protect themselves from fake Corona news. 

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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