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#NAW2020: Larissa paves path of success with Degree Apprenticeship


“Studying is really helping me and I’m now using skills learned at the university in my job role.”

Larissa Jones, 21 from Shrewsbury, is studying for a Degree Apprenticeship in Chartered Surveying and Property Management & Real Estate.

After studying for A Levels, Larissa decided that she didn’t want to take the traditional route through education and study full-time at University.  She wanted to work and study at the same time and a Degree Apprenticeship was one of the options she considered.

She said: “I found the option at a skills fair I attended and it has worked out really well for me.

“I felt like I’d been in education for a long time and I didn’t want to spend another three years at University.  My parents were interested in property and were building their own house and I was really keen to learn how that process worked.”

Larissa joined TSR and is now in her third year of the Degree Apprenticeship with experience of all the different sectors in the company.

Talking about the degree, she said: “The first two years of study were more general and we were with lots of different people in the surveying profession. Now I’m in the third year there is more focus on building surveying, investment and evaluation which is really helping because I work in the evaluation department at the moment and I’m now using skills learned at the university in my job role.

“The company has been really good, when they know what I’ve been learning, they direct me to the right department, and this is paired with the modules I’m studying.”

Larissa is focused on advancing her career as a Chartered Surveyor in the future and hopes to progress in the company with the added bonus of securing her Degree Apprenticeship to boost her career options.

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