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Digital Skills Support

As students, you will need to use a range of technical skills to succeed in your assignments. Although we are not I.T. experts, we spend a lot of time looking at your work and understand which areas can cause problems.

Luckily, most of these are an easy fix – below we have collected a shared some resources to help you with the technical aspects of writing assignments.

Have a suggestion for another digital skill we could cover? Let us know! Contact and we will do our best to help.

If you have difficulties using Word, the Microsoft support page has many videos covering all of its functions. Here are the ones we think are most useful for you:





Guide to Group Work

Word Document (Links to an external site.) (86k)

PDF (Links to an external site.) (331k)

MP3 Audio (Links to an external site.) (4,329k)


Guide to Poster Design

Word Document (Links to an external site.) (508k)

PDF (Links to an external site.) (394k)

MP3 Audio (Links to an external site.) (3,275k)

If you’re new to the university, you might not be familiar with Canvas – our Virtual Learning Environment. The Canvas website has a number of guides to help you in submitting your assignment:



  • Your course tutor may also expect you to discuss topics with other students  - for guidance on discussion boards, see here

At some point during your course, you may need some primary data for your study. Often this will involve creating and sharing a survey. Luckily there is free software to help you build professional surveys.


  • Survey Monkey has been around for a while, and is popular with students. 


  • Google Forms has a clean, simplistic style which may suit your needs.


  • Online Surveys is another professional-looking survey tool. In fact, the Skills for Learning team uses it for gathering student feedback.

Many students prefer to work in groups – we encourage you to use the Skills for Learning Canvas page to interact with your peers:

  • See here for some guidance on creating a study group in Canvas.
  • Once you have formed your group, you can select ‘Conferences’ and begin a live group discussion, and even share your notes.
  • If you would like us to set up a group for you, or have questions about using Conferences, let us know at