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Buying PCs, laptops and phones

All IT kit like PCs, laptops and telephones (mobile and desk) are purchased on your behalf by Digital Services. 
Windows PCs and laptops

Before asking us to purchase for you, you can take a look at the range of approved devices available, by visiting the Getech portal. You will not be able to buy anything from this website, we will need to do this for you.

Once you have browsed the models and prices available, please visit the IT Support portal and raise a call with us using the 'Start a call' button. Please remember to add the following details: equipment, quantity, requestor name, as well as the work order for the requisition to be raised against.

The relevant budget holder will need to approve the requisition on Agresso before the order can be placed with Getech. 

If you have a specific non-standard requirement for equipment, or are intending to order more than five devices, please contact us using IT Support portal.

Apple products

To take a look at possible Apple PCs, laptops or tablets visit the Apple Store before getting touch with us to request purchasing for you.

Phones - mobile and desk

Please take a look at the range of approved mobile phones to choose from, using the EE network.

Desk or landline phones

For advice on what is available to purchase, please contact IT Support using the portal or call us on (01902) 322000 (ext. 2000 from internal phones).

Similarly, if you need voicemail facilities, please contact the team using the methods above.