Veteran Education

The University of Wolverhampton accepts the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

As an American veteran, you have the unique opportunity to pursue your education outside of America. The University of Wolverhampton welcomes veterans, and our team includes previous veterans that want to help you see the world while earning your degree. 

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The Post 9/11 GI Bill will provide you the following benefits while attending a foreign school:

-Tuition Fee Payment (up to $22,805.34)

-MHA (Monthly Housing Allowance) $1,681/Month (based on the latest annual allowance from August 2017)

All tuition fee payments will be made directly to the University after enrolment has been certified.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers education and training benefits to eligible veterans through various GI Bill programmes. Eligibility for benefits is determined by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

To apply for these benefits you can visit the eBenefits website

If you intend on applying to the University of Wolverhampton, please advise us as soon as possible so we can register your programme with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Once your programme is approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs and you are registered onto the programme, the University will certify your enrolment and then your benefits will be released.

Step 1: Submit your application

Step 2: Once you Receive your unconditional acceptance letter, you will then be issued a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) number. You will need the CAS number to apply your Student Route Visa. 

Step 3: Apply for your Student Route visa.

You can contact us directly or also visit the US Department of Veteran Affairs for more information.

Meet Cody, an American Veteran who used his Post 9/11 GI Bill military benefits.