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The Referee’s report is an integral and important part of the selection process, and the information given will help guide Admissions Staff in making their decisions.


An academic reference should be provided by a current or previous tutor from your most recent educational institution.

An employer's reference should be provided by your line manager at your current or previous place of work.

A school reference should be provided by your personal tutor or Head of Year at your school.

Please note: references written by friends and relatives will not be accepted.


References should be written on letterheaded paper and should clearly state the applicant's:

  • name
  • choice of course
  • student number

The referee's:

  • name
  • occupation
  • relationship to the applicant

Important: References in paper format

If you are posting a reference to the Admissions Unit, this must be on letter headed paper.


The reference should, where possible, cover the following:

  • Your suitability for the course(s) you applied for
  • Intellectual qualities including:
    • development to date and previous examination performance with special reference to any factors which may in your opinion have adversely influenced the result
    • present performance
    • potential, including an assessment of the probable results of any pending examinations
  • Personal qualities, such as motivation, communication skills, powers of analysis and independent thought
  • Career aspirations
  • Health and other personal circumstances relevant to the application
  • Athletic, social and other interests

Please remember that under the Data Protection Act, the applicant can request a copy of the reference and any other personal information that we hold about them.

If the application form, including the reference, has any information missing or has any false or misleading information, the University has the right to cancel the application and withdraw any offers.

Please return references to:


If an applicant has identified you as their referee on their online application form, you will receive an email from the Admissions Unit asking you to upload a reference to their application.

You can fill in a reference via the link we email to you. The email will give you a direct link to the application where you will be able to locate the document on your pc and upload it.



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