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Our Mission


Our mission

Maximising opportunity through generating knowledge, innovation and enterprise.


Our ambition

To be a progressive and influential sector leader, championing diversity, growth, and creating life changes for all while enhancing economic impact and accelerating ambition across the entire University community.


Our pillars

The Strategic Plan is built around three key pillars of activity:

  • Students First
  • Skills and Knowledge for Economic and Social Transformation
  • Significant Influence and Impact

For each pillar, there are three goals outlining the impact that we, as a University, will have made by the end of the Strategic Plan period in 2021. 

The goals determine the key performance indicators and metrics that we will use to measure our performance against the Strategic Plan. 


Our core values 

Underpinning the Strategic Plan are our Core Values, which bring clarity in terms of how as an organisation, individually and collectively, we have a responsibility to be clear about the way in which we behave and interact with other; together with guiding the decisions we make.

We will behave respectfully and ethically, in all that we do. We will be inclusive and fair in our interaction with each other and with our wider community. We will act professionally, transparently, confidently, collaboratively and challengingly when engaging with our communities locally and globally.  


Find out more in our Strategic Plan & KPIs.



Page updated: 26 April 2019.